Smarter Spaces scans new IWK NICU unit

Smarter Spaces scans new IWK NICU unit

Smarter Spaces had the privilege of scanning the IWK Health Centre’s brand new Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) the week of April 1st.

Using its latest 3D scanning technology which creates an interactive 3D virtual tour and vr experience, Smarter Spaces walked through the new unit – the first phase of a $34 million critical care redevelopment project – taking high-resolution scans that translate into a completely immersive experience.

The virtual reality scan allows the IWK Health Centre and the IWK Health Centre Foundation to share the new NICU to patients, families, staff, donors and stakeholders in a way that will make them feel as if they are walking through the new unit in person, no matter where they are.

This remarkable technology can showcase the littlest rooms to the biggest buildings with exquisite detail and can assist in highlighting new work, selling the property, planning renovations with executives, virtual tender meetings, and much more.

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