Smarter Spaces is a Canadian pioneer in the use of mobile 2D & 3D scanning technology merged with advanced data analysis tools. Learn more >

What we do:

We provide accurate services that:

  • remove ambiguity of old as-built construction information
  • ensure public safety through fire/emergency and proximity planning
  • find new money by accurately measuring existing leasable space
  • move projects and businesses forward by bringing your virtual teams together
  • share condominiums, homes, cultural heritage spaces and artifacts worldwide

Our value propositions:

We are a Canadian Service provider specializing in:

  • finding costs savings for building owners by reducing renovation change orders of existing space/infrastructure during renovations and construction by producing more accurate design drawings before commencement of works.
  • creating fire safety, emergency, and proximity plans for buildings to meet applicable codes and health requirements.
  • capturing upwards of 7% increases in income by accurate measurement of existing leasable/common areas for building portfolio owners.
  • preparing visual renderings for existing spaces to allow for your staff and consultants to view/review space in real time together to keep projects and business moving forward.
  • building 3D Virtual Tours of cultural heritage buildings and indoor/outdoor spaces, including capturing scans of artifacts, sculpture and paintings, to share with schools, academics, researches and virtual-tourists.

Our technology:

Smarter Spaces’ 3D Scanning & Processing division is a Canadian pioneer in the use of fully mobile 2D & 3D scanning technology and other advanced data analysis tools.

Services include:

  • Lidar & Airborne Imagery
  • 2D/3D Models, existing conditions
  • 2D/3D Renderings
  • BOMA Reports & Space Certificates
  • Immersive Environments, Virtual Reality
  • Volumetrics / Stockpiles
  • Tunnels & Manholes
  • Evacuation Mapping
  • 3D Virtual Tours
  • Fire Safety Plans
  • Emergency Mapping
  • Proximity Planning
  • Accessibility Audits / Code Consulting
  • Occupancy Load
  • Quantity Surveying

Halifax Grammar School – Interactive 3D Virtual Tour Demo

Explore the Halifax Grammar School 3D Virtual Tour and learn how interactive 3D virtual tours can work for your business. Learn about our 3D Virtual Tours.