Geospatial Solutions

Get insights from accurate data and analysis


Smarter Spaces’ geospatial solutions provide clients with accurate, relevant spatial data about the existing conditions of their physical assets.

Our proficiency in a variety of 3D data capture methods and CAD/BIM platforms allow us to create existing conditions, BOMA packages and geometric analytics tools in an accurate & efficient manner.

Site Measurements

We have a variety of tools at our disposal to capture existing site measurements in an efficient, accurate way; whether we are working inside, outside or from the air.

2D/3D Existing Conditions

We create digital representations of existing conditions in either 2D or 3D formats. This service can be helpful if you are planning a renovation or if you just want to have a comprehensive understanding of your physical assets.


BOMA Reports & Analysis

We use our expertise in site measurements and existing conditions drawings to determine accurate areas so landlords can determine exactly how much to charge tenants for rent.


3D Virtual Experiences

We provide clients with an interactive virtual environment that allows them to virtually tour their building or property remotely from any computer or mobile device. We can take this a step further by creating these virtual experiences during construction, so you have record of the locations of systems inside a wall cavity. Sales can be supported and enhanced with 3D Virtual Tours of condominium suites.


Analytics Tools

We use point cloud data to perform analysis on a range of assets including volumes of salt or woodchips and determining the high and low points of a specified surface.