About Smarter Spaces

Smarter Spaces scans, plans, and monitors spaces

We are an established Space Management consulting group, specializing in mobile 3D laser scanning, CAD space planning services, and fire and emergency evacuation mapping, and pedestrian-traffic proximity and movement plans. 

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia since 2005, we pride ourselves on being trusted and reliable, with every step and decision we make being with and for the client’s best interest. Project managers by training, we approach every project ethically, with professionalism and expertise that can take your project from initial planning to successful completion.

Our technology

In addition to data analysis tools and CAD software, Smarter Spaces specializes in using advanced 3D hand-held scanning technology. As one of Canada’s first space planning consultants to use this technology, Smarter Spaces promises clients significant reductions in business disruption; greater accuracy in internal and external space planning and measures; and results that are delivered in days, not weeks.

Our services

We specialize in mobile 3D Laser Scanning, Space Planning & CAD, Evacuation Mapping, Fire Safety Plans, and Pedestrian-Traffic Proximity and Movement Plans.

Any of our services can be performed A la Carte or as turnkey, offering services from initiation through to close.

Our Approach

Smarter Spaces’s personalized client-focused style, combined with industry expertise and implementation of new, advanced technology, means clients are assured a successful experience and a faster return to core business.

  • We excel in learning our clients’ business operations, understanding environment impacts and clients’ needs vs wants.
  • We build the right team for the project through our procurement service or through our trusted partnerships.
  • We build strong relationships through transparent communications, facilitate stakeholder engagement and develop and execute project plans to ensure the success of the project.

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