About Smarter Spaces’ Mobile 3D Laser Scanner

About Smarter Spaces’ Mobile 3D Laser Scanner

In 2016, Smarter Spaces introduced Mobile 3D Laser Scanning to Atlantic Canada. This cutting-edge technology for scanning building interiors and exteriors is 10 times faster than traditional survey equipment and tripod scanners and offers our clients precise and accurate depictions of their space in a fraction of the time.

The hand-held device records movement in 3D space at 43,000 points per second and an accuracy of +/-.1% (3 mm) and when complete gives you accurate As-scanned™ drawing representations.

Smarter Spaces 3D Laser Scan of Halifax's Historic Brewery Market.

An example of how Smarter Spaces’ advanced 3D laser scanning can be used to measure, analyze and quantify spaces.

Smarter Spaces’ Mobile 3D Laser Scanning helps you by:

  • Providing fast, accurate, effective scans of your space
  • Providing 2D or 3D model As-built/As-Scanned™ drawings
  • Saving you money with accurate plans – one of the leading cost over runs in renovation projects is working from inaccurate plans thus generating project scope changes and increasing costs
  • Producing As-Scanned™ drawings for new buildings at the end of construction – this takes the guess work out of wondering if all the site changes have been properly captured
  • Producing 3D Models of building infrastructure including above ceiling tiles
  • Capturing industrial 3D models to ensure your new equipment installation will fit
  • Calculating volume inventories for salt, woodchip gravel, coal and more as a one-time measurement or on an ongoing basis

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