Smarter Spaces brings Mobile 3D Laser Scanning™ activity to local school in Halifax.

Smarter Spaces brings Mobile 3D Laser Scanning™ activity to local school in Halifax.

Smarter Spaces owner Colin Gillis and team members Barb Greiff and Breanne Barry recently brought their latest Mobile 3D Laser Scanning™ technology into the classroom for a fun learning opportunity for some of the grade 4/5 students at a local school in Halifax.

Using the 3D Mobile Scanner, Greiff and Barry created an accurate 3D model of one of the grade 4/5 classrooms. Using the 3D models, the Smarter Spaces team engaged the children in an activity they created called Crazy Classroom. The activity divided the students into four groups and using the 3D models, allowed each group to design their own, imagined classroom. With fun options that included selecting wall paper with hot dogs or unicorns, flooring in a variety of patterns, or choosing objects to put in their rooms, the kids were able to create their own, unique but fun space and see it come to life from paper into a 3D model.

“This was a wonderful way to not only teach the kids about 3D scanning, but to help them understand how millions of dots collected by a scanner can create an accurate model of almost anything,” says Greiff. “It was exciting for them to see their classroom on the screen and then come up with fun ways to re-design it using their own imaginations.”

Gillis shares that soon enough everything will be scanned and digitized and that jobs in 3D scanning and immersive environments will be an everyday reality.

One of the concept classrooms.

“Halifax can be a leader in creating jobs and keeping people here in Nova Scotia,” says Gillis. “I’m working hard to bring private sector, education and government together to create a tech cluster in Halifax around 3D Scanning and Immersive Environment.”

Gillis will be visiting another class in the next couple of weeks and hopes to share this technology and fun learning activity with even more classes in the future.

“I believe by exposing children early to these fun opportunities we increase the likelihood that they will choose careers in sciences, trades and technology.”