We’re hiring: Intermediate REVIT Technician / Architectural Engineering Technician

We’re hiring: Intermediate REVIT Technician / Architectural Engineering Technician

Full time and Part Time Part-time Positions.

We are a high growth company working with latest Mobile 3D Scanning™ technology looking for an Intermediate REVIT technician / AET. We offer a chance to get in on ground floor as we create the 3rd dimension at Smarter Spaces scanning the world in 3D. Opportunities are unlimited!

What we’re looking for:

We need an Intermediate REVIT resource who can create 3D Models and is knowledgeable in AutoCAD. On an ongoing basis, you will be asked to:

  1. Deliver multiple projects on tight timelines. Prioritize tasks by complexity and deliverable dates. Be confident in your skills and ability produce a quality product under demanding timelines in a high paced, fun, and dynamic work environment.
  2. Attention to detail! Self and peer Audits. Our brand is built on quality and quality is in the details!
  3. Give and receive constructive criticism. This is important, we are breaking new ground and you have to be able to communicate. We are a team, will make mistakes, learn from them, and grow.

About us:

We provide a challenging work environment, a variety of projects, and mix of field and office work.  We work collaboratively using the latest technology to give us flexibility and a competitive edge. Compensation and benefits are good, centrally located on Grafton Street in Downtown Halifax.

Work Smart with SMARTER SPACES!

How to apply:

Please send information to Colin Gillis at: info@smarterspaces.ca

  1. Cover letter and resume
  2. Please specify if your interested in working
    1. Full Time
    2. Part-time leading to Full Time
    3. Part-time (means 9 – 5 Mon to Friday not part-time in the evenings)
  3. We have an Immediate requirement for resources. Please provide a date you would be available to start.