We’re hiring: A Revit Guru & 3D Scanning Enthusiast!

We’re hiring: A Revit Guru & 3D Scanning Enthusiast!

SMARTER SPACES – Halifax (Halifax Regional Municipality)

Job Description

Trying to advance your career? Stop thinking about today in 2D and start thinking beyond year one in 3D!

We are a high growth company working with latest Mobile 3D Scanning™ technology. We offer a chance to get in on ground floor as we create the 3rd dimension at Smarter Spaces scanning the world in 3D. Opportunities are unlimited!

If the 3rd dimension interests you, here is what it all about at SMARTER SPACES.

Hit the ground running, in the first 2 weeks and demonstrate your technical capabilities in AutoCAD and REVIT as they apply to our services in 3D Scanning, 2D Plans, 3D Models, Evacuation Maps, Points Clouds and more. We might even see how you do in Civil 3D. We don’t expect you to know it all but will test you on how quickly you pick it up. You are going to have to prove to us you understand the 3rd dimension.

On an ongoing basis, you will be asked to:

  • Learn new technology, software, and workflows. Clearly think workflows through, analyze problems, provide alternative approaches, and collaborate with the team and select the best course of action.
  • Deliver multiple projects on tight timelines. Prioritize tasks by complexity and deliverable dates. Be confident in your skills and ability produce a quality product under demanding timelines in a high paced, fun, and dynamic work environment.
  • Attention to detail! Self and peer Audits. Errors that appear on checklist won’t be tolerated. Our brand is built on quality and quality is in the details!
  • Give and receive constructive criticism. This is important, we are breaking new ground and you have to be able to take it on the chin and keep going. We are a team, will make mistakes, learn from them, and grow.

Realistically we need someone who is an expert in using REVIT to create 3D Models, is knowledgeable in AutoCAD. Point Cloud knowledge would add a lot of credibility. Most important is the ability to embrace new technology and software. If you can do this, you really are living in the 3rd Dimension.

Out of the gates at Smarter Spaces we offer an innovative flexible productivity based environment called SMART TIME™ which provides our team with the flexibility to work both in and outside of the office. Life happens, and a happy team is a productive team. Work life balance is important to us all!

We provide a challenging work environment, a variety of projects, and mix of field and office work. We work collaboratively using the latest technology to give us flexibility and a competitive edge. Compensation and benefits are good, centrally located on Cunard Street with Street parking, training, and casual attire. Can you think beyond year one and in the 3rd Dimension?

Desired Skills and Experience

If you can achieve the above, you are in the running. Realistically though we don’t care how you learned it, but you need to know Revit inside and out and have the ability to embrace new technology and software. In our industry, the rate of change is staggering and only speeding up.

If you’re up to the challenge of mapping the world in 3D, lets talk.

Work Smart with SMARTER SPACES!

To apply or inquire further

Contact cgillis@smarterspaces.ca