Evacuation Mapping

Evacuation mapping solutions that meet your local and national building codes and regulations

Make your company stand out by demonstrating you care about your occupants’ safety.
The analysis of escape routes and pedestrian movement are fundamental elements within an overall fire safety strategy. They are also required by law in most jurisdictions. Smarter Spaces can help you develop effective and economical evacuation maps for all of your facilities.

What are evacuation maps?
Our illustrations inform and guide both staff and the public out of a facility safely in the event of an emergency. These evacuation maps outline building emergency procedures, locations of critical emergency equipment and help users identify where their point of origin is and where to find an appropriate exit.

Format and style options
We have a variety of predefined template styles on file or we can custom design a look and feel to meet your brand requirements.

Typical format sizing includes- 5”x7”, 8”x10”, 8.5”x11”, 11”x17”. Larger custom formats are also available. From Professional high quality color prints, to Photoluminescent and Tactile solutions — we do it all!

We can also produce facility illustrations for placement adjacent to facility fire panels for first responders.

Framing and mounting
We offer a variety of economical priced and modern casement solutions to choose from to meet your budget. Including- Laminated, Ultraboard, AluPanel, Plaque Mount, and Snap Frames. Various sizes and colors available.

Local & national regulatory compliance

Prior to submitting the final product to our clients in part with our quality assurance guarantee and due-diligence, we will provide electronic copies to the local industry authorities (Fire Inspector, Fire Marshall Office) to validate our maps are in compliance with local and national codes and regulations. This provides a level of added value to our clients.

Smarter Spaces has extensive experience in evacuation mapping

Smarter Spaces has provided evacuation mapping solutions for a variety of facility types including- law enforcement ; fire departments ; hospitals; medical offices ; small medium large business offices; libraries; arenas; community centers; auditoriums; lecture halls; gymnasia; indoor swimming pools… just to name a few.

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