CAD Services

Smarter Spaces’s design team are specialists in using Computer Aided Design (or CAD) drafting software and laser distance measurement devices. We have bridged the gap between efficiency and accuracy. The age of clipboards, pencil/paper and measuring tapes are behind us.

Integrating modern technologies, our industry certified Architectural Engineering Technologists with years of experience and attention to detail, we can confidently state we are faster and more thorough than any competitor in the Atlantic Canadian region. We guarantee field work accuracy through dynamic checks. Return trips to the field are completely eliminated saving our client’s time and money! We stand behind our brand.

As-built / As-found Drawings

Accurately illustrating measured As-built/As-found current conditions onsite post construction will differ then the initial design drawings pre-construction. As-built/As-found drawings should be your starting point for any space/facility design project. It will start you on the right foot and will save money in the long run.

The first step in tackling any space related project is to ensure your drawings / floor plans are true representations of current conditions. This avoids potential risks and cost over runs later on in your project. In most engagements our clients record drawings are either outdated or non-existent in any current electronic format. That is where we come in!

What we do

By conducting a detailed site survey using our modern technologies Smarter Spaces’ design team in short order will update and / or reproduce accurate scaled drawings that illustrate exact dimensions, geometry and locations of all essential elements. We will then provide the final drawing to our clients in any format they require (Hardcopy, CAD, PDF, JPEG, BMP, TIF, GIF). We will also provide our clients the master CAD electronic file for their own records at no additional fee.

Data warehousing

We store copies of your files in our secure, digital library. You will be provided a username and password to our secure site permitting access 24/7 access at no additional cost.

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