With decades of experience, the Smarter Spaces team has the knowledge and expertise to deliver results. Project managers by training, we have an in-depth understanding of the construction and relocation management fields and are best qualified to handle your company’s needs.. Our services range from planning & managing relocations to using 3D scanning to capture and analyze building and location data — and more.

Our expertise by sector:

Buildings: Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC)

As-built / As-scanned Drawings in AutoCAD or Revit:

  • BOMA Analysis and Space Certificates
  • Office
  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Multi-unit
  • Scan to BIM
  • Fire Evacuation Mapping
  • Mapping of Heritage properties

Our mobile 3D Laser Scanning is an ideal solution for hospitals. It:

  • Does not take any type of patient photos
  • Represents zero risk to patient privacy
  • It is carried in a backpack and is very non-disruptive
  • We are in and out of patient rooms in seconds
  • Allows us to enter high risk areas like emergency rooms in minutes.

We quickly turn-around 2D drawings set or full 3D models depending on your requirement. Only need 2D right now, no problem buy your 2D now and come back to us later for a 3D model in specific areas of the hospital to be renovated.


Smarter Spaces is leading the industry in scanning University settings. We currently work closely with Acadia, Dalhousie and Mount Saint Vincent University.

We bring together a unique package of services where we scan facilities producing accurate 2D drawings and 3D models. Models are being used for a variety of purposes including renovations, virtual tours, and asset management. From our 2D drawings we produce evacuation maps and fire safety plans. These crucial life-saving items have to be reviewed every year and provide an avenue to keeping floor plans up-to-date on a yearly basis.

Smarter Spaces is also able to provide Code Consulting services and help client correct or meet Provincial and Federal Safety standard.

Municipal, Provincial, Federal and Law Enforcement

Smarter Spaces has more than 10 years of experience in working with government of all levels. Our team is cleared for access and has worked directly for governments or through national standing offers. Our range of experience include large commercial relocations, renovations projects, site inspections, code analysis and 3D scanning ranging from stock piles of salt to 3D models.


Our experience in working with Utilities goes back more than 20 years. Both principals came from the telecommunications industry and understand the challenges faced whenworking with companies that cover larger geographic areas with a lot of employees and facilities. We have well established relationships with both power and telecommunications companies.  We have done everything from 3D scanning to acting as their project management office and managing large relocations across multiple provinces.


Smarter Spaces possesses a combination of mobile 3D laser scanning™, terrestrial 3D scanning and UAV which results in models with high-level millimeter accuracy required for scanning industrial equipment while using mobile 3D laser scanning™ and UAV to complete the shell and close the envelope. It is important to know when and where to use what technology. This is where we work hard to make you look good and select solutions tailored to your requirements.

Cave and Mine Mapping

The Mobile 3D Laser Scanning™ technology we employ does not require GPA and works well underground. Being light weight, compact and easy to use, it is ideal for:

  • Cave mapping
  • Mine mapping
Volumetrics & Stockpiles

Smarter Spaces’ Mobile 3D Laser Scanning™ technology is ideal for doing inventory, stockpiles and volumetrics calculations providing accuracy with incredible turnaround times.  The resulting data providing accuracy in inventory not possible in the past. It has proven to be far more accurate than terrestrial tripod scanners and Fixed Wing and Drone. We will help you identify the level of accuracy you require which will dictate the 3D scanning solution we recommend.

  • Management of Forestry Resources
  • Mapping and counting of trees
Law Enforcement & Security

The ease of use, mobility and accuracy provided by the 43,200 points per second makes Smarter Spaces 3D scanning abilities ideally suited for law enforcement and security:

  • Accident recreation
  • Mapping of crime scenes
  • Threat assessment
  • Emergency measures and response using 3D point clouds

Whether a crime scene needs detailed assessment, or a road vehicle incident requires rapid capture, our systems are uniquely placed to do the job.

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