3D Laser Scanning

Fully-mobile technology that captures 3D point cloud data used to produce accurate 2D and 3D drawings and point cloud data for analysis.

Clear benefits obtained from working with SMARTER SPACES and our 3D Scanning capabilities are:

    • very quick turn-around time,
    • incredibly accurate measurements, and
    • processed in house by us.

Our advanced 3D laser technology captures airborne lidar data which provides detailed statistics and area coverage point clouds.

  • Data Acquisition Speed: 43,200 Measurement points/second
  • 3D Measurement Accuracy: +/- 0.1% (3 cm)
  • Maximum Range: Up to 30m (15m outdoors)
  • Laser Safety Class: Class 1 Eye Safe
  • Angular Field of View: 270x 100 degrees
  • IP64 rating: splash-proof, dust-tight

Our 3D Scanning technology is one of  the most lightweight, sturdy, mobile and accurate systems in the world. Carried in a backpack and held by hand, it makes stairs, compact spaces, and complicated layouts easy.  Smarter Spaces’ scans are 10 times faster than traditional laser measures and significantly more accurate.

Buildings: Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC)

  • As-built / As-scanned Drawings in AutoCAD or Revit
  • BOMA Analysis and Space Certificates
    • Office / Retail
    • Industrial / Commercial / Institutional
    • Multi-unit residential
  • Scan to BIM
  • Fire Evacuation Mapping, Emergency Mapping, Pedestrian Traffic Proximity & Movement Plans
  • Mapping of heritage properties, buildings and artifacts

Cave and Mine Mapping

The 3D Scanning technology we employ does not require GPS thus works well underground. With its lightweight, compactness and ease of use it is ideal for:

  • Cave mapping
  • Mine mapping

Volumetrics & Stockpiles

SMARTER SPACES’ 3D scanning technology is ideal for doing inventory, stockpiles and volumetrics calculations providing accuracy with quick turn around times.  The resulting data provides accuracy in inventory not possible in the past.


  • Management of Forestry Resources
  • Mapping and counting of trees

Law Enforcement & Security

The ease of use, mobility and accuracy provided by the 43,200 points per second makes Smarter Spaces’ 3D scanning abilities ideally suited for law enforcement and security:

  • Accident recreation
  • Mapping of crime scenes
  • Threat assessment
  • Emergency measures and response using 3D point clouds

Whether a crime scene needs detailed assessment, or a road vehicle incident requires rapid capture, our systems are uniquely placed to do the job.

Coastal Erosion Monitoring

Our technology is ideally suited for recurring measures to monitor erosion in coastal areas.