Smarter Spaces is a Canadian pioneer in the use of fully mobile 3D scanning technology and other advanced data analysis tools. We deliver more accurate results and can provide you with solutions — and ideas —  that you may not realize are possible.


With decades of experience, the Smarter Spaces team has the knowledge and expertise to deliver results. Our services range from planning & managing relocations to using mobile 3D scanning to capture and analyze building and location data — and more.


We work with, and for, our clients and bring the highest level of integrity and customer service to every project. We are dedicated to your success and want our clients to not just feel satisfied, but enthused.

What we do

Smart solutions. Smart service.

Fully-mobile technology that captures 3D point cloud data used to produce accurate 2D and 3D drawings and data for analysis.

Drawings used by landlords to calculate amounts charged for leased spaces in office buildings, retail, industrial, multi-unit dwellings.

As built drawings, test fits and plans in 2D and 3D, used to minimize expensive construction mistakes and help plan space utilization.

Customized, accurate and code compliant building evacuation maps.

Facility information packages with fire safety processes, plans, maps and facility information in compliance with National Codes for fire departments.

Writing, evaluating and awarding tenders.

Project management of scope, schedule, budget, resource and accuracy oversight for construction projects.

Complete solutions to help organizations plan & execute transitions while maintaining their productivity & focus.

We take a personalized approach to working with clients.